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  • Maria Consuelo Alvarado

    Maria Consuelo Alvarado


    With over 12 years of experience in credit counseling, I have developed a focused and unwavering commitment to helping those with credit and financial needs. My specialty is behavioral finance and helping clients understand how to maintain their financial freedom.



    Vice President

    I consider it my mission in life to help others. I'm a strong believer that knowledge is power and so I take it upon myself to teach and empower every single one of my clients to develop a healthy financial lifestyle and a strong credit profile.


    We are proud of our team and our approach to help contribute to our clients' success.

    Because our service is more than just removing negative items from your credit. It is also about teaching you how to use credit properly and assisting you in establishing new credit when necessary. We also teach you how to achieve the best possible interest rate in your financed credit accounts and we assist you in increasing your credit score. All our services are rendered on a one-by-one, client-centered approach. We identify, focus and prioritize your personal credit needs. We have a professional and dedicated team whose sole purpose is to provide outstanding customer service and help you gain confidence in your personal credit profile. Throughout the service, you will have a personal credit coach and credit-monitoring center. Additionally, we will guide you to achieve a healthy budget and a strong financial portfolio.